Blue Jade Texink Pvt. Ltd. is a newly founded water-based inkjet dye ink manufacturer in India by applying state-of-art technology and equipments in producing sublimation, reactive and disperse inks for Epson, Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Spectra print heads.

As a fast-growing company focusing on textile industry, one of our mission is to help new customers to start digital textile printing with comprehensive support, including quality entry-level printers, inks and other consumption medias, pre- and post-treatment chemicals, and engineer training service. The other main mission is to provide customers who are already involved in digital textile printing industry with quality and competitive products as well as professional service.

We also work closely with customers to create innovative products by applying the latest digital printing technology and upgraded ink products


Customers loweroperating costs, increase productivity and simplify mass customised production by revolutionising manufacturing processes.

Background   The BLUEJADE advantage
Bluejade has the experience of Lanyu Digital. They are out joint Venture partners for the technology distribution and copyright.They are the leading industrial inkjet solutions provider

- 8 year history, over 300 customer development programmes
- World class reputation underpinned by a strong Icustomer satisfaction portfolio
- Unique expertise in inkjet chemistry with strong engineering capability
- R and D happening in both India an China. Using both resources to make an excellent product
- Offering reliable and brilliant inkjet process solutions:
- Inkjet modules and inks for OEM partners with market access
- Printing systems and inks for end users through our distributors

  - Enhancing competitiveness
- Over 10 years extensive inkjet experience
- Inks and printing systems developed by the same company
- Applications developed from inks and printers
- Inks developed for robust and consistant performance in industrial applications
- Developed for specific industrial print heads
- Innovative technologies
- Best colour quality
- Highest throughput
- Continuous work onFinishing chemistries
- New technology and Application to enhance the Spectrum of Digital Application Areana
Benefits of inkjet   Why Digital?
- Reduced production costs
- Efficient use of consumables
- No requirement to produce new screens
- Minimal set-up costs –short runs are economical
- Cost per print same for 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10,000
- No requirement for inventory
- Increased productivity
- No time for set-up –printer is always printing
- Faster response
- Print on demand
- Just-in-time customisation/personalisation
- Much quicker introduction of new designs
- Applicable to all types of fabric
  - Need for economic short print runs
- Faster and more frequent design changes
- Increased number of niche products
- Increased demand for personalisation to add value
- Drivers towards digital printing
- Reduced time to introduce new designs (few hours versus several days)
- Lower energy, water and materials consumption
- Reduced cost to introduce new designs (no need to make screens)
- Promise of even lower digital costs, lower at all run lengths
- Huge potential for digital textile printing


The Garment Textile Expo, GTE,Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2014, held in New Delhi at the NSIC grounds at Okhla, was a successful show all around. There was seen a boost in the digital section of textile in particular. Major stalwarts from the industry made their presence in the Show. Major impact was from a new company BLUEJADE Texink, a Gujarat based company which is manufacturing ink in India. They are a one - stop - shop for inks as they had aqueous inks for all the present digital machinery."

"Garfab is a annual trade show in Surat, India on 11-13 Apr 2014. It was a good show this year as well. There was a complete amalgamation of everything in textiles. Core industries for weaving and knitting - air-jet , waterjet, rasher, etc machinery was all present . Digital printing was present in a big way. Even value- addition industry - embroidery, khatli, etc, came up with some novel functions. The highlight was the Digital Lane, which was larger than ever before. Maximum rush was seen at the stalls of Bluejade. With the crowds seen at Bluejade stall, it seems the digital will be the next big thing in the textile industry. It is the start of the new digital era.


 Find us at:

GTE Technology Expo(2015)
NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi
26th February, 2015, New Delhi