Using Wasatch, printing can be done on 3-4 machines using one software (dongle) and computer system***. Making it a very cost-effective option. It is the software of choice when grey tones are to be printed. Wasatch's specialty is printing gradation designs, however, there is no inbuilt ICC (fullform****) profiling and a third party Pantone chart (Monaco profiler) has to be used. Lastly, the brightness of the design can't be controlled effectively using Wasatch.

Neostampa is a user-friendly software, it can generate ICC Profiles as well as a density profile. This is needed for repeat designs to ensure same result as before. Neostampa comes with a lot of colour matching options, GRC (fullform***) method can be used for dark shades. It is also great for colour matching and helps in estimating ink consumption. Neostampa is very versatile and provides a sharper and more detailed design, it is also very efficient while printing patch designs

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